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Videos: 200+

Height: 1.70cm

Weight: 65 Kg

Eye color: Brown

Date of Birth: 30-11-1990

Hair color: Black

Nationality: Spanish

There are so many hot niches that Spanish porn stars have come to dominate. Especially the big booty and big ass niche! You know that Hispanic chicks are known for their round curves and asses that they know how to shake and shimmy when they are on the dance floor. Well take that and imagine it in a porn flick. All those naked and undulating curves and hips and tits just swaying magically to the rhythm of some Latino music, while being pounded by a hard cock. These bitches know how to take dick and how to fuck to the beat of the night and their performances never disappoint.

One of these up and coming and rising sex stars is Suhaila Hard. Imagine a gorgeous and mean looking Spanish sexbomb, covered in tattoes, with dark flowing hair and a pouty mouth you just want to fuck. This sex goddess was born in Reus, Tarragona in Spain so she is the real thing and a legit Spanish porn star. She didn’t just jump into porn right away she did other stuff before she realized she might have a career showing off her body and using her good looks and sexual passion for a better purpose than just wasting it on men who just passed through her life. She got a lot of attention before she went professional in the porn scene, and at the beginning, despite the fact she received lots of offers while doing some jobs modeling erotic outfits and erotic lingerie, she only started filming porn recently. So imagine that without those intentions, she later on ended up becoming so popular and so adored by fans worldwide for being a porn queen. She decided to make the leap to porn in 2013 when a local adult and erotic production company called “Explicital” approached her and made her an offer that made her think twice.

Suhaila Hard - The Hard to Resist Spanish Porn StarFinally after thinking about it for a long time, she decided to give it a try and shot some scenes together with famous porn star Rafa Garcia. She enjoyed the process and the production so much and realized that this was a massive pleasure for her, she put all her energy into kicking off her career and these raw films springboarded her career into popularity. It’s so hard to lose sight of this sexy brunette who has great curves and huge tits. It’s obvious to her fans that since Suhaila Hard arrived in the porn industry, that she is a star who will stay for a long time.

The Hard to Resist Spanish Porn StarHow does Suhaila describe herself? When you check out her website, which is obviously in Spanish, she tells her fans her story and describes her porn career in details and what she likes and dislikes. She says: “I am a Spanish porn actress who started her career back in 2013, and today if you count all the adult work I’ve done, I have more than 200 porn scenes under my belt in both national and international films, I have also been on the cover of several magazines like Lib, Primera Linea, and I’ve even produced and performed my own reggatone song in cooperation with The Rulox called ‘Suhaila Hard’. I love music and I’ve been in many local Spanish music videos and TV reality shows, and people usually recognize me for my massive juicy tits and of course my tattoos since they are my calling card. My porn fans knows me for my famous blowjobs and they’ve even given it their own name (El Suhailazo) and my sex shows are famous for my dripping squirting scenes. I love to fuck and be fucked”

She puts up a lot of content on, where she’s known for her squirting and she’s very popular for her Latino flavor.

Little more than a week ago we stood in groups along Cesar Chavez, watching Lady Bird Johnson’s funeral cortege make its way to her final resting place in her beloved Texas Hill Country. The funeral route passed near Town Lake’s hike and bike trail, one of many Austin locations where wildflowers thrive, providing colorful evidence of her living legacy of beauty.

For many of us, Lady Bird will always be the First Lady of Texas. That Sunday morning, I thought about another day many years ago in Frost Brothers’ Ladies Dresses at Northcross Mall. I had had wonderful luck that afternoon, finding not one new dress but two, and was standing at the check out counter. Already my mind was moving from “shopping” to “whatever-will-we have-for-dinner.”

Suddenly I became aware that the normal bustle and movement of the store had stopped. Totally ceased. What had been a hub of activity was now filled with — silence. I looked around, and there she was, right beside me. It was undoubtedly Lady Bird Johnson, just completing a purchase.

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On one September morning, in 1977, my mother gave birth to me in a hospital in the middle of the woods of Lufkin, Texas. I was a stark bald baby girl. From her recollection, as well as my grandmother’s, all they can remember is that it was really thick fog the previous night driving to the hospital. Well, that fog carried on for years because I can’t remember anything before the age of about three. I do know during those years I was mainly with three important people, my mother, my grandmother and my Poppie.

All three loved me and took great care of me. In particular, though, I spent countless hours with my Poppie. My grandfather was known by the grandkids as Poppie, and he was the center of the entire family. As far as I know, I was always Poppie’s girl. He was not only my grandfather; Poppie was my mentor and father figure. He also provided me much of my childhood entertainment. It helped that I did live with the man. It didn’t hurt that he loved children, too. In a sense, he was a child. He had a childish love of things. His eyes would light up in excitement. His smile was honest. He held a love in his heart that was precious. This love is the type that has endured throughout my life.

He was huge, tall in stature and big round belly, but there was such gentleness to him. He had a childlike delicateness, too. Not his hands, though, they were always covered in Mercurochrome from cuts. Of course, I easily fit in with him like a glove wherever we would go, but that’s how everyone who knew him felt.

He was very observant. He made sure you were comfortable. All who knew him loved him. All respected him. He was not only big in the literal sense; he was a big presence in our little town. In fact, if you had any children, or were a child, he knew you, because he was the school superintendent. In our little town, that was about as powerful position as you could hold, because you held the whole town’s future in your hands. The future was all we had. He was a great leader and believed that a small town could thrive from great leadership. That was all fine and well with me. However, he was my grandfather first and foremost. It didn’t matter to me if he was the President or a ditch digger.

Poppie was my world. No, he was the axis to my very globe, my one and only father figure. He was the dominating presence in my life. He was this distinction to many. After the separation of my parents before my birth, my mother and I lived with my grandparents until I was twelve years old. Those first years of my life had the most impact on me. I have such happy childhood memories. Most were of my loving family. Some were of the area in which we lived in East Texas.

My family was small and close-knit. It seemed my relatives all looked out for one another. Many members of my family had moved on to the city, either Houston or Dallas, for career advancement or extended family reasons. They always returned on holidays where we would feast on “home-cookin’” at Memaw’s house until our stomachs were full and beyond. Memaw was Poppie’s mother, my great-grandmother. Poppie was always at the center of these events as well.

We lived in a little town called Corrigan in southeast Texas among the pine trees. People lovingly referred to it as the Highway 59 speed trap. The pine needles accented the view in every direction. East Texas is one of those “survival” places, filled with extremes, such as love and hate, friendly and unwelcoming, poor and poorer. There are “survival of the fittest” places, like cities, where life is really competitive. On the other hand, a regular “survival” place was one where if you survived at all, you were going to be a success. To clarify, if you got out of East Texas, that was considered success.

This was an unsaid code, but we all as members of this society of East Texans knew it was a hard place on the psyche. For one thing, the woods were all around you. It was as if you were an isolated entity. Everybody knew everybody else. They knew all your business. So, that made any kind of deviation from the town’s sense of who you were very difficult. You were who your family was, and that was it. I later resented the townspeople for it. The only redemption the town had in my eyes was the sheer beauty of the area where pinecones were as abundant as blades of grass. Really, what I later thought East Texas needed was a good patron saint, a reason for deliverance.
My earliest memory was of the golden sunlight shining through the tops of those giant green Southern pines. The bends of light accented the dark green foliage. Those childhood memories I hold so dear almost always include my Poppie, as the grandkids called him.

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